Wednesday, 15 July 2020


I think I will miss this Lockdown
Not needing an excuse to stay at home
"I'm doing my civic duty,
"I'm not allowed to go shopping
"The garden centre is closed
"I'm protecting you
"I'm protecting myself
"I'm protecting everyone."

What could be better?
"I can meet people without ever going out.
"I've met new people
"More than I ever would
"If life was normal.
"More shopping?
"But I've already been out once this week!"

I know I'm lucky
I'm not on my own
I know that would be tough
Not everyone will have enjoyed
The isolation
The loneliness
The insecurity
The fear
The unknown
Not knowing how long.

But I can't help feeling
That there is much that suits me
And I will miss the Lockdown.

©DJD 2020

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