Monday, 20 April 2020

What Is This Virus For?

A question I've not heard,
What is this virus for?
Everthing in nature has a purpose
So what is this virus for?

Is it nature redressing a balance?
Is it nature levelling the score
Reducing our pollution
What is this virus for?

Are there too many of us now?
Too many here on earth
Have we reached our saturation
What is this virus for?

Some say it is an Act of God
Some say that cannot be
But if there is a god
What is this virus for?

If made by man
As some theorists say
For what purpose, to what end
What is this virus for?

Is this the armageddon
That we have waited for
Is this how it ends
What is this virus for?

Donald James Dolby ©2020

Thursday, 9 April 2020

Quiet Man in Ashwood Park

As I walked out alone this morning
The sun was shining
The birds were singing
I could almost believe that all was well
With this world.

Ashwood Park shared with few others
The man was standing
All alone
I asked him how we was
Keeping our distance of course.

He did not reply so I moved a little closer
Cautious as we must
I asked again
No reply
No words came from his lips.

Closer still I moved to him
Keen to hear his view
Close enough now
To see he would answer if he could
But this quiet man was made of wood.

He could not speak
Express his view
State his opinion
Then I realised to my surprise
That if he could not talk, he could tell me no lies.

©2020 Donald James Dolby (Le Griffonnier)