Wednesday, 15 July 2020

Waiting For The Second Wave

Apparently the virus is in retreat
Gathering its forces for another attack
Re-arming its battalions
For another go.

Now, I'm not an epidemiologist
A virologist or even a ventriloquist
I cannot put words into another's mouth
But even I can see
There is something wrong
With the logic this employs.

The virus is not human
It has no power of thought
So if there is a second wave
Will it be the virus that has grown stronger
Or our defences that are weaker
Will the desperation for a beer
A foreign holiday
A cuddle, a hug, a kiss
Be our undoing in the end
As we sit here waiting for the second wave.

©DJD 2020


I think I will miss this Lockdown
Not needing an excuse to stay at home
"I'm doing my civic duty,
"I'm not allowed to go shopping
"The garden centre is closed
"I'm protecting you
"I'm protecting myself
"I'm protecting everyone."

What could be better?
"I can meet people without ever going out.
"I've met new people
"More than I ever would
"If life was normal.
"More shopping?
"But I've already been out once this week!"

I know I'm lucky
I'm not on my own
I know that would be tough
Not everyone will have enjoyed
The isolation
The loneliness
The insecurity
The fear
The unknown
Not knowing how long.

But I can't help feeling
That there is much that suits me
And I will miss the Lockdown.

©DJD 2020

Tuesday, 7 July 2020


Elevated higher than you and I
On a pedestal
A plinth
A marble base
Glorifying one above another.

Whatever the cause
Whatever the reason
How is equality achieved
When such venerated persons tower above
Those they have served
Those they have led
Those they have exploited.

Do away with such icons
If we are equal, we are all equal
Let no one look down on another
Make no one look up to another.

Celebrate and commemorate
Events and actions
Turning points
In our history
But let us not elevate
Men and women to a higher status
Than they deserve.

Donald James Dolby ©2020

Imprisoned by your Prejudice

When you see a tree, is it not just a tree
If you see me, do you not just see me?

What is it that frightens you?
What is it that scares you so?
Can you not see the life inside?
Why is your mind so tight?
Closed to any other thought
Than the colour of the skin
Why, with all the things you miss
Are you so blinded by your prejudice?

What is that darkness in your heart
The evil in your soul
Do you not realise
How narrow is your view
Open up your fettered mind
And let your heart fly free
If nothing else consider this
Don't be imprisoned by your prejudice.

Break free
Will you break free
When you see a tree, will you just see a tree
If you see me, will you just see me?

DJD ©2020


Some words I did not know before

the long dark tunnel, the light
at the end
let's keep it in sight.

slowly meandering through life
or just
your daily walk.

whatever gets you through the dark
we all need our dolorifuge
taking away our sadness.

our heterocentric 
heroes one and all.
when the fog of life is thick
the interfulgent brightness
penetrates its cloak.

in these hours of darkness
in moments of despair
oh how we need a laetificating word.

optimism is hard
pessimism is dark
a little meliorism is what I need.

you are my queem
no, not my queen
we fit snug, calm and serene.

lockdown may be tough
isolation hard
but xenodochy shines through.

some words I know now.

DJD ©2020
(with thanks to The Observer)


These chains, these infernal, invisible chains
Binding round our heart
Binding us together
Binding us apart.

These chains, these fragile chains of love
Of hope and trust
Fragile chains indeed
Trust in them we must.

This infinite useless fury surging deep inside
This helpless longing
This dead end road
Of futures now denied.

This hope, this delicate wind-torn hope
Gives us fortitude to dare
Distant vanishing horizon
Hope for us to share.

These chains, some day we'll shake these chains
Cast them all aside
Love will break free
From hearts imprisoned deep inside.

Donald James Dolby

It's Hard To Write Poetry When You Are Angry! (or maybe its not)

The words, the words, the words, tumbling from my brain
Flowing in a stream of frustrated invective
Fighting their way to my red-stained page
Can't stop the words.

So here they are:

Add your own
and put them in any order you like.

DJD ©2020