Tuesday, 7 July 2020

Imprisoned by your Prejudice

When you see a tree, is it not just a tree
If you see me, do you not just see me?

What is it that frightens you?
What is it that scares you so?
Can you not see the life inside?
Why is your mind so tight?
Closed to any other thought
Than the colour of the skin
Why, with all the things you miss
Are you so blinded by your prejudice?

What is that darkness in your heart
The evil in your soul
Do you not realise
How narrow is your view
Open up your fettered mind
And let your heart fly free
If nothing else consider this
Don't be imprisoned by your prejudice.

Break free
Will you break free
When you see a tree, will you just see a tree
If you see me, will you just see me?

DJD ©2020

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