Monday, 11 May 2020

On VE Day (or Liberation for all of Europe Day)


On VE Day
My dad was there
And my mother too
They survived the war
And the celebrations too!

For dad not quite the end
Off to Palestine he went
Two more years
Before they married
This poet is grateful for that!

Your mum too, enjoyed the day
Dad still in Burma, far away
Victory delayed
Perhaps sweeter for that
A few months longer but he came back.

We missed the war by a few short years
But they knew what it took
To win the freedom we enjoy
To overcome the threat
The debt we owe, we haven't paid back yet.

Let's remember what they did
Let's remember what they saw
Let's celebrate their lives
Enjoy the day today
And never forget what they were fighting for.

Donald James Dolby ©2020
8th May 2020

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